Sakura blossom signals the arrival of Spring.

Flowers that blossom in this season :
Nemophila, Fuji (Wisteria), Tulip, Shibazakura (pink moss), Rose, Lupin, Iris, Camellia, Poppy, Daisy, Pansy, Dahlia etc.


2018 May – Yokohama


2018 April – Kanto

Nemophila, Tulip, Wisteria, Azalea, Lupin etc.

2016 May – Hokkaido

Shibazakura, Tulip, Lilac, Pansy etc.

2015 April – Awaji (after sakura in Arima onsen)

Tulip etc.

2011 June – Hokkaido

Lupin, Daisy, Dahlia, Poppy etc.

2007 May – Kani Flower Festival Commemorative Park  (after 2nd visit to Takayama)

Rose, Poppy etc.

2006 May – Hokkaido

Shibazakura, Tulip

2002 May – Tokyo



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